Dogs are a big part of my life. I have a dog since 2011 who is pretty much my child and then we rescued a senior dog from the streets of Tulum, his name is Diego, he was in a pretty bad shape when we rescued him. We have him for about 1.5 years now super sweet, super chilled guy, just enjoying his final years with us in a safe space with a ton of food and belly rubs.

Tulum and in general Mexico is not a great place to be an animal, especially a dog. There are

stray dogs everywhere, they populate in a crazy rate, they are homeless, they are sick, they suffer. Once you see the suffering, it’s very difficult to unsee it! So we help as much as we can, Cetin feeds all the stray animals around the neighborhood.

Expats do massive sterilization clinics in Tulum a few times a year to slow down the population a bit and we volunteer at the clinics. I was lucky to volunteer at the recovery room during two sterilization clinics and it’s a life changing experience, very humbling, very eye opening…

Also at the end of Aligned Flow Movement Yoga Teacher Trainings, we do donation based graduation classes with rescue puppies. Puppies run free in the studio while students practice yoga and we collect donations for the dogs in desperate need.

I also organize Yoga with Rescue Puppies events for the Festival Art With Me Tulum which we always end up with a full class of amazing humans who show up to play with the puppies, do yoga and help a great cause!

Animals are my soft spot! If I could take something out of this world, it would be the suffering of the animals.